Dog Listening Online Course

Welcome to Dog Listening – Solving All Your Everyday Dog Problems!

In this course, you will learn what a dog is, how it views the world, and why silence is usually the best way to communicate with your dog.

You will also learn that although Dog Listening is not a dog training method, it’s what will give you the capacity to give every dog you will ever have a happy and relaxed life.

You will understand why most so called problem behaviors have the exact same cause, and what the single solution to all of them is.

In my opinion, every person who is considering having dog, for whatever reason, needs to learn about Dog Listening. Why?

Because this is about building the foundation that will make sure your relationship with your dog is one of trust and stability. On that foundation, you can then add whatever activities you and your dog like or whatever work the dog is to be trained for.

If all you want is a loving, calm and happy relationship with your family dog, then Dog Listening is all you need.

You are also welcome to join my Facebook group where I share tips and experiences and where you will meet other dog owners looking for kind yet effective solutions to all kinds of dog issues. See you there!

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