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Best Grain-Free Puppy Food 2019

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Why would you want to choose a grain-free food for your puppy? Many brands use grains in their food, and if it’s that common it must be good, right? 

Actually, no. 

Dogs don’t need grains in their food, it doesn’t do anything for them and only serves as cheap filler in the food.

There are differences between the dog food brands who claim to be grain-free. Potatoes for example are included in some while others consider them as unncessary as wheat. 

So, why don’t dogs need wheat, corn, rice or other grains in their food then? 

Dogs, as well as their ancestors the wolves, did not evolve on a diet containing grains, or any vegetables at all for that matter. Sometimes you hear the argument that wolves eat the stomach contents of their prey, and get plants and carbohydrates that way.

This is a myth. Wolves have no interest in the vegetables in the stomachs of their prey, and don’t eat it, unless the prey is very small and they eat it by mistake, so to speak.

In fact, in a study where the stomach contents of 165 wolves where analyzed, only 0.1% were plants and berries. That’s right, only one thousandth of everything that the wolves had eaten where vegetables of some kind.

But haven’t dogs adapted to eating vegetables? This is a statement sometimes heard, that dogs have evolved so far from the wolves that they don’t have the same food preferences or needs any more.

Wolves and dogs are the same species, Canis Lupus

Dogs and wolves are still the same speciesCanis lupus (dogs have the addition familiaris). Their metabolism is simply not made to process and make good use of plants. That being said, dogs have evolved the capacity to tolerate grains. This doesn’t mean it’s a good food choice for them. It’s not.

You may wonder if your puppy doesn’t need the vitamins that come from plants, especially vitamin C. The surprising answer is no, beacuse they can make vitamin C themselves in their bodies. No risk at all for scurvy! (The fact that humans do need to eat plants to get those vitamins clearly shows that we have to eat vegetables!)

So, Is Grain-Free Food Better For My Puppy?

My honest opinion? 


My main reson for saying this is knowing how wolves feed their young. 

Already at the age of 4-5 weeks the pups start to eat meat. But being way too young to accompany the pack on a hunt, how will they get the meat?

This may sound gross, but it’s nothing less than yet another genius stroke on behalf of mother nature.

When the adult wolves come back to the pups after the hunt (they have stayed at home with a couple of nannies), they regurgitate some of the meat they have eaten. And tada! Perfectly served wolf pup food. Exactly the same diet as the adults, but mashed and easy to eat and swallow.

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